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The “MOMENT” Audio Cinema is an infectious auditory journey that spins you around the world, through space and time. From the first 30 seconds to the last, you are infused with bumping beats, timely speeches, planetary sounds, political commentary, and the unique and smooth sound that Audiopharmacy has always brought throughout the years. Take a listen and you will surely become intoxicated.

~ Alixa Garcia

Award-winning multimedia artist

Community Organizer

Half of dynamic spoken word duo, Climbing Poetree

Inspired from our experience at the Sundance Film Festival, Teao Sense's MOMENT Audio Cinema visual mixtape will be available on our here as we look for serious partners to manifest a feature length film and multi-sensory production.  The concept portrays the journey of a human soul from birth to reincarnation.  If MOMENT moves you, we are looking for conscious collaborators (i.e. funders, film producers, illustrators, videographers, photographers, and animators) interested in coming together to take MOMENT to the next level.  

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