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- New Release -
"Treatment" by Audiopharmacy
#indigenous #genocide #landback #protest
#flute #charango #worldtrap


Christopher Columbus lied. California Native Indigenous lyricists/activists- Desirae Harp and Ras K' dee retelling the "Herstory" of Turtle Island (N. America) over another timeless world trap beat by Multi-Instrumentalist + Turntablist, Teao Sense feat. their Oakland based Audiopharmacy squad - 

Azeem Ward (Fijian Indian- Flute)

Brass Medik (SF- Sax)

Marcos Odara (Brazil- Congas, Shakers)

Teao Sense (Hapa- Charango, Scratches, Guitar, Percussion, Production)
Ras K'dee (Afro-Pomo / vocals)
Desirae Harp (Wappo / Diné/ vocals)


Verse 1 by Ras K'dee

To my folks to my fam to the land where I stand where my ancestors fought and died by.

To the lies of the hogs and the guns and laws of the streets you choose to abide by.

Stay free, celebrate the victory, meditate, educate, liberate the history now.

Don't stand there waiting with your hands up waiting for the handcuffs everybody stand up!

Put it down for your folks on the block don't stand by and watch get involved in the process. 

Don't be scared of police, don't be scared of the beast don't be scared to make peace or be conscious.

Don't be scared of police, don't be scared of the beast don't be scared to make peace or be conscious!

Verse 2 by Desirae Harp

In 1492 columbus sailed the ocean blue, and told a tale of a new world that wasn’t being used. 

He paved the way for settlers and missionaries to come,

who viewed us as invisible beings they could build their colonies and churches on top of.

They killed us with guns, germs, and steel and cut off our food supply by slaughtering animals and scorching fields.

Our bodies were sexually abused, worked like mules, and used as pawns in their military feuds.

They wouldn't have survived without our knowledge of how to live off this land, and their bill of rights wouldn't exist without the Iroquois confederacy's constitution.

Still they called us savages and put a price on our heads, following manifest destiny as they moved West.

They forced us to move from our traditional lands, marching us hundreds of miles as we carried the dead in our hands.

They herded us like cattle onto reservations,  then beat our language out of us to give us an English education.

They taught our tribal leaders how to look like them to improve government to government relations. 

This only made it easier for our tribal leaders to be paid off, so the corporations could push their agenda on our legislation, they shoved us onto land that no one wanted until they discovered the natural resources under our feet, and now they’re tryna build oil pipelines through the water that we drink.

Our people continue to be colonized across the earth, but we will not give up, the voices of our ancestors will be heard.

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