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Booking: 2023-2024

Embark on transformational and inspirational journey.

inquire here about the Audiopharmacy world hip-hop ensemble, teao sense live DJ cypher, indigenous prayer, film scoring, film screenings, music & cultural educational workshops, sound system, lighting, stage builds, sound tech, event planning, film crew, photography, and graphic design.

World Hip-Hop ensemble

     Audiopharmacy's World Hip-hop ensemble features a diversity of musicians and performance artists from all corners of the Earth. Current touring members come from Native American, African-American, AAPI, Brazilian, European, and Cuban roots. The ensemble has the ability to be flexible in size depending on booking inquiry.



Vocals, DJ / turntablism, guitar, beatbox, trumpet, trombone, keys, bass, Percussion, sample triggers.



Indigenous prayer, Dance, Capoeiristas, Live Paint, Visual Projection, Workshops (Music, Art, Cultural)


MOMENT Audio Cinema, 



Professional Event Planning, Booking Agency, Event Host, Art Gallery Curation, Sound System, Stage, Sound Tech, Visual Projection, Lighting, DSLR Camera Crew + Video Editing, Live Stream, Photography, Graphic Design.

LIVE / DJ cypher

Teao Sense live dj sets take his audience on an interactive musical journey consisting of scratches, live instrumentation, guest musicians, original production, beatbox, dance, and a range of global hip-hop, afrobeats, funk, soul, trap, classical, latin, reggae, bhangra, and world music.  Depending on the event, he can curate a themed continuous cypher featuring various guest vocalists, cultural performers, musicians trading solos, and movement artists to cameo throughout the set. There is never a dull moment and because of the formula of written blended with improv, the experience is fresh every show.  He has 2o+ years experience as a dj / music director, with experience in sound tech and event curation. In Teao's sets there are no limitations, only timeless music, storytelling dj sets, live performance, and high spirits.  (mobile or concert sound system, stages, and lighting available upon request.)

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