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by  teao sense

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"MOMENT" Audio Cinema

by Teao Sense:


MOMENT intricately blends World Music, Hip Hop, Future Bass, Classical, Latin, House, and other genres, while fusing teachings from philosophers on various topics and personal meditations with Mama Earth to evoke dynamic emotions in the listener. From birth to reincarnation, MOMENT portrays the journey of the human spirit, and all its gloriously colorful ascensions and descentions while instilling hope through creativity and consciousness. From birth to reincarnation, each of the instrumentals represents a different facet of life explored by a human soul. In conjunction with the record -a comic book, art series, and video mixtape helps to translate the plot, while the listener is invited to find their own personal connection. Featured artists include: Martin Travers, Mama Wisdom, SEF, Dee Jae Pa’este, noa-, Jack Eastgate, Suaro Cervantes, Priya Handa, Sakima Jairo-Xae, Jaiv1, and love/speak.

Teao Sense created this project as a homage to his late grandmother, Grace Wong - the spiritual mother to His Holiness the 16th and 17th reincarnation of the Gyalwang Karmapa. Album Cover art: Nikila “Mama Wisdom” Badua Album Back art: Martin Travers Layout and Design: Teao Sense Engineered by Jeremy Goddard Mixed by Teao Sense Mastered by Deeskee All music composed and performed by Teao Sense unless mentioned otherwise.

-“Embodiment” feat. Kirtaniyas (harmonium / vocals / violin)

-“Drift” feat. Dj Werd (scratches) Gregg Green (vocals)

-“Born Free” feat. Okai (vocals) Mauricio Trabuco (guitar / charango) Elsu Martin (flute / percussion) Danny Cao (trumpet) “True Colors” feat. Malka Lew (vocals) Audiopharmacy live ensemble (Solomon Islands)

-“The Battle” feat. Kirtaniyas (mridunga) -“World Citizen” feat. Curtis Stewart (violin) & Yoed Nir (cello)

-“Reunite” feat. Desirae Harp (vocals) Ras k’ Dee (keys)

-“Karma” feat. Ras Pulse (drums) Keep Yah Joy (bass) Ras k’ Dee (keys)

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