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Audiopharmacy is not just a musical collaboration, it’s a way of being rooted in creativity, respectful cultural-exchange, and a deep love for the healing of our planet. A multi-cultural community of creatives with its current touring members having Native American, Black, Pilipinx, Fijian-Indian, Mexican, Brazilian, European, and Chinese Tibetan Buddhist roots, the eclectic hip-hop ensemble intricately weaves together artistic and cultural wisdom from all corners of the Earth. Audiopharmacy’s performance is a global journey that fuses live instrumentation, turntablism, electronics, poetry, prayer and technical lyrics that stir, heal, and reveal.

Internationally, the ensemble has taken the stage at festivals, concert halls, clubs, cultural centers, orphanages, schools, and events in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, France, the UK, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Samoa, New Zealand (Aotearoa), Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Ecuador, Morocco, Oman, Cyprus and Tanzania. Domestically, Audiopharmacy has performed throughout the US.

Audiopharmacy has also toured as music/cultural ambassadors globally, and has successfully fostered cross-cultural understanding by leading community engagements, music and cultural workshops, film showings/Q+ A, and intimate jam sessions. On March 19, 2013, the band received a Mayoral Proclamation from the City & County of San Francisco for artistic excellence, the promotion of cross-cultural understanding abroad, and representing the values of the San Francisco Bay Area.

So grateful for FNX, KVCR, and NPR for giving us the opportunity to discuss what indigeneity means to us, our new projects, and the importance of representation in mass media.

Giving thanx to FNX, the NPR (National Public Radio) Sister station KVCR PBS TV 24 / NPR Radio 91.9 and www.kvcrnews.org.


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