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April 29th - Join us on the Full Moon for the MOMENT Audio Cinema Experience

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

MOMENT Audio Cinema is the first solo project by Audiopharmacy Prescriptions' humble Founder, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist + Turntablist, Teao Sense.

From birth to reincarnation, finding self to selflessness, independence to interconnectedness, MOMENT is the story of a human soul. MOMENT Audio Cinema is an instrumental concept album by Audiopharmacy Prescriptions founder / producer / multi-instrumentalist / turntablist, Teao Sense. MOMENT intricately blends World Music, Hip Hop, Future Bass, Classical, Latin, House, and other genres, while fusing words of wisdom and personal meditations with Mama Earth from artists, philosophers and activists on being human to evoke dynamic emotions in the receiver. Join Teao Sense as he explores different facets of our human existence with an Audio Cinema that offers audiences an multi-sensory experience.

The MOMENT project is a lifetime divided into 13 songs/moons. Here is a sneak peek of a track on MOMENT Audio Cinema titled "World Citizen". World Citizen is about the interconnectedness of all things and should remind us that history and future is created from our present daily actions. If we strive for harmony and respect for life in our actions, we are already contributing to a better past and future.

On April 29th, we are fundraising $25,000 for seed money to kickstart a feature-length film. Our prayer is that our art can help inspire and activate humanity towards a becoming a more empathic civilization and to help cultivate biosphere consciousness.

The concept will be released as a limited-edition picture disk, gold vinyl record, and drop card w/ downloadable audio & visuals. In conjunction with the music - an art series, a comic strip, and visual story board have manifested to visually translate the story, while inviting receivers to find their own personal connection. Featured visual artists include MamaWisdom1 (Nikila Badua), Martin Travers, SEF, Dee Jae Paeste, noa- (Yasushi Matsui), Jack Eastgate, Suaro Cervantes, Priya Handa, and Jaiv1 (Jason Trinidad).

Teao Sense created this project as a homage to his late grandmother, Grace Wong - the spiritual mother to His Holiness the 16th and 17th reincarnation of the Gyalwang Karmapa.

Written by Jo "love/speak" Cruz, love/speak productions



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