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Reflections: #APWeekendLoveTour

Yaaaas! 🚐The #APWeekendLoveTour 💖is officially in the books! And what a beautiful journey 🎶it was! Together with Audiopharmacy's Teao Sense, Ras K'dee, Azeem Ward, love/speak, and new bloods to the crew ~ our lovely AP intern & back-up vocalist Naomi Yoshida, #DanceQueen & back-up vocalist ~ Ms. Lisa Green, and the ferocious #freestyler, MC & singer ~ Jeff Turner, we traveled and shared our musical medicine at UC Riverside's Show & Prove Hip-Hop Conference in Riverside, CA, the Black Mesa Water Coalition End of the Year Celebration in Flagstaff, Arizona and the Sustainable Nations Benefit Concert in Tucson, Arizona!


The Show & Prove Hip Hop Studies Conference Series (S&P) is a biennial conference that is interdisciplinary in practice and international in scope.  It is premised on cultivating the necessary and critical dialogues for the development of Hip Hop Studies as a field.  As universities adopt classes about Hip Hop and an increasing amount of scholarship gets published, this series was created for those with a vested interest in the culture—including artists and practitioners, students, teachers, scholars, and community activists—to interrogate, complicate, and critically negotiate what it means to bring Hip Hop into the academy". For more information, check out Give thanks to Prof. Imani Johnson, Prof. Jacqueline Shea-Murphy and Josh Gonzales of the UC Riverside Native American Student Programs (NASP) for organizing this powerful intersection/dialogue within education and hip-hop and bringing out Audiopharmacy to be a part in this event.


Black Mesa Water Coalition is dedicated to preserving and protecting Mother Earth and the integrity of Indigenous Peoples’ cultures. Their vision is to help build and strengthen sustainable, healthy communities while striving to empower young people. #BlackMesaWaterCoalition was formed in 2001 by a group of young students to address issues of water depletion, natural resource exploitation, and health promotion within Navajo and Hopi communities. They continue to be led strongly by young adults while relying on an inter-generational support network. BMWC has been working to organize Navajo and Hopi communities for the protection of their lands, water and future generations and work in collaboration with surrounding communities and organizations to more effectively address the problems we collectively face.

It was truly an honor to perform at the Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff for the Black Mesa Water Coalitions’s End of the Year Celebration! Vibes were super high and the community embraced our offering with arms & hearts wide open! Give thanks to Jihan Gearon, Mariah Ashley and the whole BMWC familia for bringing us out! Much respect to all the work being done to protect the land, water and future generations by building stronger, more sustainable indigenous communities ✊🏽💧Check out for more information.

AP with Jihan Gearon, Executive Director of Black Mesa Water Coalition and her beautiful niece and nephew.

Sustainable Nations Benefit Concert at the Hotel Congress in Tucson, AZ


Sustainable Nations (Tucson, AZ) supports the creation of thriving ecologically, culturally and economically sustainable Native Nations.  The renewal of traditional relationships of balance, honor and reciprocity with our homelands, ecologies, communities, and families form the foundation of resilient sustainable Nations, and their work is designed to support this renewal! Sustainable Nations does this work through offering professional training, development services, and programs in renewable energy systems, green and natural building, ecological wastewater treatment, food sovereignty, Indigenous community master planning, and localized bioregional economic development.  

They also offer ongoing workshops, community dialogue, and program development services on:

Medicinal plants and healing; Decolonial Parenting; Indigenous Schooling and Education; Sexual health, Education, and Childbirth; and Indigenous Healing Justice.

The Sustainable Nations Benefit Concert was our last show of 2018, and Tucson turned it up! Thank you so much for giving us the energy and inspiration after quite a journey! We made magic happen 🙏🏽💖 Give thanks to Pennelys Droz, Timo Padilla, Brytnee Miller, Sewa Yuli, Rattle Ry, and the wonderful #familia that came together to bring Audiopharmacy out to experience your community and this awesome event!

The AP Pham with Pennelys Droz and Timo Padilla of Sustainable Nations,

Special love to this ensemble! Grateful for all the ways these amazing #humans show up for the world, each other, and themselves! Thank you an amazing tour and truly magical powerful weekend of love! 💖

AP Weekend Love Tour Crew: The Cardinal Project, Jeff Turner, Teao Sense, RasK'Dee, Naomi Yoshida, love/speak, and Lisa Green

Written by love/speak

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