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Lightning In A Bottle Wrap-up!

Another epic long weekend at our favorite music festival, Lightning In A Bottle! Aside from performing for a super amazing audience at the Beacon stage on Friday night, we also had the opportunity to connect with so amazing amazing human beings, meet Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, listen to the powerful words of the Women Protectors of Mother Earth Across the Americas, and got to check out dope performances by artists such as Anderson Paak and Beats Antique!

Check out some of the highlights from our journey

🎥 by love/speak productions

Many thanks to the DoLab and Compass Crew (Isis Indriya, Adam Doyle and Eve LadyApples) for having the Audiopharmacy Pham come through and share our medicine to your community!

Lightning In A Bottle is designed, built and curated based on a core ethos centered on sustainability, harm reduction, cultural respect, and most of all, creating an environment for extraordinary experiences. These principles guide LIB’s vision and its team’s decision-making every step of the way. Learn more about LIB here --->

Leila Salazar-Lopez, Eriel Deranger, Jo love/speak Cruz, Amy Goodman, Penny Opal Plant, Desirae Harp, come together at Lightning In A Bottle for the Women Protectors of Mother Earth Across the Americas panel. Photo by Michael Horse

THE WOMEN PROTECTORS OF MOTHER EARTH ACROSS THE AMERICAS consisted of legendary panel of Women’s#climateleaders coming to discuss the incredible work happening around the world to fight fossil fuels, protect the planet and preserve the #Sacred. The panelists for this event include #IndigenousClimateAction Executive Director - Eriel Deranger, #AmazonWatch Executive Director - Leila Salazar-Lopez, and #IdleNoMoreSFBay Co-Founder - local Bay Area#activist & #grandma, the wonderful Pennie Opal Plant. The panel's opening song was done by our very own #DesiraeHarp and facilitated by one of my #sheroes, the one and only Amy Goodman. It was a humble honor and blessing to meet, witness and support these powerful #women in the front lines of the movement to protect #MamaEarth. So much gratitude for the inspiration and hard work these #womanwarriors and #rolemodels offer in my life, to those most directly impacted by social and environmental challenges of #climatechange (like my island nation of the #philippines), and to the next #sevengenerations to come 🌏

A little morning jam session at the LIB Artist Camp with the AP Crew and the talented #Porangui to start of our day!

Friday night, Audiopharmacy healed it on the Beacon Stage for hundreds of LIB festival goers. Check out the talented and super sweet #AzeemWard healin’ it on the flute during #TeaoSense Live #DJ set at the #LIBFestival! #spottiedottiedopalicious #outkast #classichiphop #lovemusic #audiopharmacy #audiopharmacyprescriptions

Whatchu do after fighting for #freedom and #rights? We put our 1’s ☝🏽and hug our neighbors cuz we’re all #1EarthFamily ☝🏽🌏 #lib2018 #audiopharmacy #lovespeakproductions #livehiphopensemble #revolutionarylovemusic #whatyoufightingfor

#TeaoSense throwin down on the late night hype at the Beacon Stage ✨ It’s 4am and #Audiopharmacy still got the crowd gettin’ free on #OccupiedIndigenousLands 🎶💃🏻✊🏽 #livedjset #lyricalgangstas #indigenoushiphop #revolutionarylovemusic #lovespeakproductions

#RasKDee reppin’ the #PomoNation and educating the people that we can’t forget that freedom isn’t free friends. We are on#OccupiedIndigenousLands ✊🏽 Being conscious of that allows us to begin to #decolonize our minds, to honor the native people and culture of these lands in a good way, and to support the healing of all of our people, in all Four Directions - Red, Black , White and Yellow 🙏🏽🌏💫💕

Written by Jo "love/speak" Cruz, love/speak productions



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