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Change the Game! Stand up for #OAKLAND, time to make your #VOTE count!

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Photos by Jo "love/speak" Cruz

I'm heading to the poll in a couple hours because I LOVE my town, and we need strong community-based leaders who have the fearless will to work for the people of Oakland, keen knowledge of the system, and have progressive agendas that benefit people like me - working class, immigrants and and communities of color. I want an Oakland that is going to advance racial, economic and environmental justice. I want leaders who are not afraid to go toe-to-toe with big money developers and politician whose policies only truly benefit the wealthy few. I want leaders who support a vibrant creative Oakland and the artists who make their homes, raise their families, create content and projects that not only beautify, but raise consciousness and quality of life in our communities. I want Sanctuary for All. I want housing and dignity for our displaced brothers and sisters. I want an Oakland that’s going to benefit my children and cultivate healthy thriving schools and students now, and for future generations to come. This is the day not to play - get out there, vote, encourage friends and families to cast their ballot, then have a moment to enjoy the sun anywhere in Oakland (cuz we got sunshine ☀️ like that!) and give thanks to be living in such a dope city 🙏🏽💖🙏🏽

Written by Jo "love/speak" Cruz, love/speak productions



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