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Audiopharmacy's New Music Video - "Be There": A Love Song for Those in the Struggle

“Be There” is Filmed in snow covered Yosemite Valley and the dry land of Joshua Tree California and also takes us into the grey, gritty streets of San Francisco. Visuals are woven in and out of contrasting environments as a symbolic struggle of life aiming to achieve balance. Wardrobe is created by Bay Area fashion and textile designer Tisina Parker (Miwok/Paiute/Pomo).

Audiopharmacy is a San Francisco/Bay Area five-piece musical ensemble strongly rooted in Worldbeat, Hip/Hop and Dub. The newest video release from Audiopharmacy entitled “Be There” from the album “State of the Heart” is directed by KYJ Productions. “Be There” features, deep vocal tone of Native Californian Ras K’dee (Kashaya Pomo/African American) and graceful melodies of singer songwriter, cultural advocate Desirae Harp (Wappo/Diné).

Written by Keep Yah Joy



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