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About love/speak productions

love/speak productions is a Bay Area based Artivist Cultivator and Special Events production Collaborative that aims to combine purposeful project-building, respectful cultural exchanges and the power of the arts to create gathering spaces where performance and ceremony intersect with the intention of strengthening relationships & bridges among culturally-diverse communities.

Some notable projects include Seeds Sunday Series (San Francisco, 2014), Seeds & Soul Festival (Oakland, 2015), The Seventh Generation Medicine Concert (Standing Rock, 2016), Bay Area Artists Stand With Standing Rock (Oakland, 2017), Moment Audio Cinema Pre-release (Oahu, 2017). Run4Salmon Panel & Benefit Show (Berkeley, 2017), International Women’s Day Dance Party (Oakland, 2017), Moment Film Pre-release (Makati, 2017), Moment Audio Cinema Film Pre-release (Amsterdam, 2017), Climbing Poetree Intrinsic Concert (Oakland, 2017), Moment Audio Cinema Vinyl Release (Oakland, 2018), Sol2Sol Summit (Oakland, 2018), Baobab Oakland (2019), Eclectic Live Music Sessions (2019), Oakland for Maunakea (Oakland, 2019).  love/speak production is a part of Audiopharmacy Prescriptions, a San Francisco-based international art collective which strives to invoke consciousness, empowerment and respect for life in creative endeavors shared with the world.


At the heart of love/speak productions

Mother. Soldier of Love. World Citizen. Artivist. Art Collective Manager. Grassroots Community Organizer.  Special Events Producer. 


jo "love/speak" cruz is blessed to be raised in and by the diverse and culturally-rich Bay Area.  Coupled with her strong familial, spiritual and indigenous roots to the Philippines where she was born, these worlds unite within her to cultivate a deeply rooted unconditional love for Mama Earth and all beings.  It is from this love that she is inspired to create her own personal and professional path motivated not by colonization, capitalism and commodification, but rather in social change through the arts, culture, personal + collective healing, empowerment, and service.  


In partnership with Teao Sense, founder of World Hip-Hop Cultural Music Ambassador Ensemble - Audiopharmacy (AP), and San Francisco-based International Art Collective - Audiopharmacy Prescriptions (APP), jo “love/speak” cruz strives her best to support phenomenal world-class collective members to advance ideas from vision to form with mindfulness and positive impact. She is also the Community Relations Manager for Bissap Baobab Village where she assists owner Marco Senghor develop special community events, including Teranga - a platform for the Bay Area's diverse, brilliant & creative change agents to inform, network, and inspire collaboration.   The Teranga program also serves as a platform to fundraise for projects and causes that improve our community.  Additionally, jo was also the former Sustainability Business Consultant for P.E.A.C.E. Fits created by self-taught designer AndreasOne.  P.E.A.C.E. Fits is unique socially conscious fashion brand designed in Oakland, CA and made in small, hand-crafted batches by ArtiBali production house in Bali, Indonesia.  She is also a former Board Member for Rooted in Resilience (formerly Bay Localize) and Beats, Rhymes & Life, both located in Oakland, CA.


In 2015, jo “love/speak” cruz started her own special events company - love {speak} productions, in which she, alongside her mentor, Dancing Earth's Rulan Tangen, and company manager, Javier Stell-Fresquez, produced their first community festival - the SEEDS & SOUL Festival and Indigenous Cultural Exchange.  SEEDS & SOUL is an indigenous-led, women-led labor of love combining the power of the arts, respectful cultural exchanges and intentional project-building to create a gathering space where performance and ceremony intersected with the intention to strengthen relationships & bridges among the Bay Area's indigenous and culturally-diverse communities.  The Seeds & Soul Festival also aimed to honor the resilience and leadership of the Ohlone people - the original native people of Oakland, traditionally known as Huichin, who have made great efforts to gain cultural recognition and the return of Chochenyo and Karkin Ohlone lands in the San Francisco Bay Area to Indigenous stewardship.  In 2016,  jo “love/speak” cruz was invited by Lyla June Johnston (The Taos Peace and Reconciliation Council, Nihigaal Bee Iiná Movement, Black Hills Unity Concert, and Regeneration Festival) with the humble opportunity to offer support to the water protectors of Standing Rock by assisting to produce The Seventh Generation Medicine Concert, a prayer offering of music, song and spoken word to honor of the courageous International International Indigenous Youth Council (IIYC) of Standing Rock, ND.  Together, they curated a special offering of musical medicine for the seventh generation with powerful female medicine wombmyn - Climbing Poetree, Rising Apalacchia, Saritah, and Desirae Harp.  Since SEEDS + SOUL, love/speak has successfully collaborated with a diversity of communities, while keeping the mission and the people at the center of all endeavors. 


While fulfilled with the career path jo “love/speak” cruz has paved for herself, her most prized time is spent cultivating love, raising awareness, and empowering her two amazing children, Shishin and Sakima, along with her life-partner Teao, and with the rest of the Audiopharmacy family.  She believes the family is the foundation of the revolution. The ancestors are our guides to show us what we can do to be the change we wish to see and to inspire the youth to become just stewards of the future.

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