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Thriving In Beauty

A 5-Part Resiliency Series with Holly Calica

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A Message from Holly Calica & love/speak productions:


Welcome beautiful spirit! We are happy that you are taking this journey of self-discovery with us. In this sacred space, we will take the time to explore our innermost thoughts, desires, emotions and experiences. In this series, we cultivate tools to help us navigate these times. Let's reconnect with ourselves to heal, gain balance and be centered in our lives. May we all thrive in beauty!

From June - October, we'll meet online in the afternoon from 1pm to 3pm. Can't make it? We're offering this series again in the evenings in the near future. Please register to be added to the mailing list :)



A 5-Part Resiliency Series
with Holly Calica

via Zoom (1-3 pm PST)

Session 1: June 30th: Prevailing over Fear, Anxiety & Depression

Session 2: July 21st: Drawing, Painting & Crafting Our Emotions

Session 3: August 18th: Creating Balance through Music & Movement

Session 4: September 22nd: Invigorating Our Five Senses

Session 5: October 27th: Visioning, Dreaming and Living in Our Hearts

♥ Early Bird Love Donations for the entire series for $125 (Must register by June 27th)

♥ Abundance Donations for series for $150 + (after June 27th)

♥ Individual Sessions for $40 (Must register 24 hours in advance of session)

For those in our community who are struggling financially, but could benefit from this Resiliency series, we are pleased to announce subsidies from Community Healing Clinic's "Healing Justice Fund." This fund provides up to $100/client. You may use this amount towards your registration if you are experiencing an inability to donate. Need support sooner? This fund also provides up to (2) individual consultations with Holly Calica.


Registration is complete after donation is received.

A ZOOM link will be provided to participants via email after registration is complete. Check your email for updates.




A 5-Part Resiliency Series 

with Holly Calica 


Session 1: Prevailing over Fear, Anxiety & DepressionLet’s gain insight into our perception of fear and courage. We will receive guidance from Angel Card readings, consider how to build courage, learn about plant allies to overcome fear, anxiety and depression. Holly will share ideas for using teas, essential oils and flower essences during this session.


Session 2: Drawing, Painting & Crafting Our EmotionsLet’s focus on examining our emotions. We will move through breath work, explore herbal allies to support our respiratory system and our breath. Holly will share helpful flower essences for increasing creativity and processing emotions. Let’s experiment with line, shape, color and form as we create artwork to express ourselves visually with our own materials from home.


Session 3: Creating Balance through Music & MovementLet’s focus on dance and music to enliven ourselves. The session will include stretching, aerobic activity and a cool down, with emphasis on rhythm and range of motion. Holly will share herbal allies to support our cardiovascular and our musculoskeletal systems. Dress comfortably, have a mat or towel for your floors and water to drink to stay hydrated!


Session 4: Invigorating Our Five SensesLet’s journey through all our senses to explore our surroundings while stimulating each sense. Can we find scents, spices, foods, interesting textures or visual delights in our homes? Let’s explore what it means to be in the moment by engaging and celebrating our ability to live with these senses.


Session 5: Visioning, Dreaming and Living in Our HeartsLet’s reflect on our experiences of 2020 and then envision what needs to fall away from our lives. With this letting go, we will dream and create a vision for how we see ourselves in the future by exploring our new roles or responsibilities while opening ourselves up for new possibilities in our lives. For those of us that garden, we will harvest our roots, plant bulbs for the future or plant ourselves firmly to be rooted in the now so we can endure the winter and spring back up with elegance and grace next spring.



Clinical Herbalist & Arts Educator

Co-Founder of Luna Nueva Wellness Collective and Kalingafornia Laga, she brings her experience as an educator, artivist, and herbalist to the San Francisco Bay Area by promoting Healers of Color, traditional arts and practices, and mentoring budding herbalists. Descended from Ilocano and Pangasinan grandparents from the Philippines, her current work centers on the revitalization of ancient practices as a means to bring balance, clarity and strength to individuals and communities. Her training in family bodywork through “Te Rongopae - A Clear Bright Horizon” and “Kawa Ariki - The Goddess Returns,” on-going guidance from elders, along with her 30 years of experience in Philippine and African Diaspora dance and 40 years as a practicing visual artist and educator, have been the foundation for her well-being. With over 2,000 hours of herbal training, she is a graduate of the California School of Herbal Studies’ “Roots/Foundations” and “Clinical Training Program,” as well as the dhyana Center’s “Ayurvedic Clinical Foundations” and “Nutrition Program.” Her collaborative focus is to provide holistic integrated care and education in private practice, clinical work and educational forums.

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