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Dancing Earth and Audiopharmacy unite for Groundworks at Indigenous People's Day Sunrise Ceremony

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Photo by Jo "love/speak" Cruz

Dancing Earth and Audiopharmacy had the honor to perform an indigenous contemporary dance installation piece entitled #GROUNDWORKS at the Indigenous People's Day Sunrise Ceremony this year. This work, the creative vision of Artistic Director Rulan Tangen, is the culmination of over a year of in-depth collaborative cultural work with #CaliforniaNative tribes and artistic leaders of the #Pomo #Ohlone #Wappo #Tongva people. This year's performers & creative team also included #Native collaborators of #Paiute #Diné #Mohawk #Apache #Miwuk #Mayan ancestors. The moving dance performance was done at the end of the Sunrise Ceremony held on Alcatraz Island in #Ramaytush #Ohlone Territory (known as #SanFrancisco) - the site of the American Indian Occupation of 1964. This year marks the 49th anniversary of the occupation. Gratitude and blessings to Morning Star Gali for all the work that goes into organizing such an important event, as well as to the many people who come together every year to make this necessary prayer gathering happen.

We are grateful for the #intentional, #creative, #transformational, #powerful and #heartbased #collaborations that have brought Dancing Earth and Audiopharmacy Prescriptions together to unite our energy, talents and offerings in honor of Mama Earth over the years.

Video teaser w/ original music by Esme Olivia entitled "Grow Gardens".

Video produced & edited by KYJ Productions

Look out for extended video documentation to be released soon!

Creative Director: Rulan Tangen

Asst. Director: Tisina Parker

Sound Tech : Teao Sense

Videography: KYJ Productions

Dancers/Performers/Culture Bearers include Bernadette Smith, Kanyon Sayers-Roods, Tazbah Rose Chavez, Ras' Kdee, Jo "love/speak" Cruz, Sammay Dizon, Natalie Aceves, Esme Olivia, Fernando Miguel, Ciera Budge, Julia Vasquez

Written by Jo "love/speak" Cruz, love/speak productions



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